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EdLitChat: a book club for educators

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#EdLitChat is a virtual book club for educators. Each month, we select a book that we read together over the course of the month and then meet virtually on the last Sunday of the month using the hashtag #EdLitChat on Twitter to discuss and collaboratively reflect on what we've read. 


We'll be reading books related to education-related topics and invite teachers and educators from around the world to join us. We may have a slight South Asia and ELT focus in our selection of books as well as a focus on issues such as gender, development, equity, difficult circumstances and low resource environments. However, these topics aren't unique to South Asia and are relevant to teaching contexts in many countries.


We're also mindful of the fact that education related books are often expensive and will endeavour to choose ones that are more or less accessible in terms of availability and cost. We'll also try to include a number of legitimately free publications to encourage teachers from different backgrounds to join us and make our group more inclusive. 


If you'd like to suggest books we can add to our reading roster, please access Book suggestions and leave a comment.  You can also have a look at our Reading roster which has our monthly book selection - it's a work in progress at the moment as we identify books for the next few months. 


Follow EdLitChat 


You can get regular updates by following @EdLitChat on Twitter and join our Facebook group. You can also get updates from this Wiki by joining it. 


October 2018!



We're reading Becoming Research Literate: Supporting Teacher Research in English Language Teaching edited by Daniel Xerri and Ceres Pioquinto (2018) through October 2018 and will meet on Twitter on Sunday, October 28 (time to be announced). 


This book is an open access publication and is available as a free download from this link. If you would like to convert the PDF to Epub or Mobi formats for your eReader, we recommend using Calibre, a free ebook management software. 

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